Family business. It’s one of those phrases that seems to be overused but in the case of Buckley and Booth it couldn’t be more appropriate.


Making has always been a tradition at Buckley and Booth. As far back as we can remember, creating and making lovely things together has held a special place in our family’s life. Whether it was learning to draw, sewing our own clothes or growing flowers and vegetables in the garden, we were privileged to be a part of a family where traditions were cherished and creativity was nurtured. We cultivated a passion for our environment and its flora and fauna and were taught to respect and admire our country's wonderful cultural heritage.


Now, the innocent joys of early memories are rekindled and we find ourselves inspired once again by the richness of our isles, the beauty of its native creatures and the desire to embrace it all and bring it back

into our homes.


Buckley and Booth has created a range of exclusive cushions which celebrate the splendour of our native countryside. We insist on using only the finest fabrics and materials manufactured in Britain to capture the essence of our islands, working with the most gorgeous woollen checks and tweeds from Abraham Moon's Yorkshire factory and sumptuous velvets created in Lancashire by British Velvets. Our products are lovingly handcrafted into high quality objects that are as practical as they are desirable. What's more, we take great care to ensure all our processes, from sourcing and making; through to the delivery of products to our customers, are as sustainable as we can make them. All our packaging is fully recyclable and we even use cards made from recycled coffee cups!


Buckley and Booth products are individually designed to make you experience our world in a new light and we welcome you to our website. We want you to appreciate the beauty of what Great Britain has in abundance - incredible diversity in nature; talented, creative makers of exquisite objects; and a community of people who, like you, think just like we do, that we live in a truly wonderful place with amazing things right under our noses - all we have to do is take a moment every day to look around and see it.